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Re: compatibility problems

On Friday December 28 2007 15:17:00 Don Harwood wrote:
> hello world
> I'm a new convert to the debian linux world however I'm
> starting to get cold feet with compatibility issues, i just
> purchased a CNC mill that is run by a amd64 box with debian
> linux, i also just had a new box built for me to do my cad/cam
> work on. figuring that since one box is linux why not both [not
> to mention that i hate windows].  my new box is an amd64 dual
> core with a high end graphics card, nice box!

For the CNC mill, any closed-source software that runs on Linux 
might only be 32-bit, so you very well might have to re-install 
that box.  Time will tell.

> my trouble starts with the key board, i got a new logitech
> wireless wave usb keyboard, will it work?  the logitech people
> simply say they don't support linux, no help there. should i
> get an old fashion ps2 keyboard?

Have you Googled for "linux logitech wireless keyboard"? I have 
low hopes for success, though.

Besides, the encryption in those things is a joke, and no one it 
his right mind should want to run an unencrypted wireless kb.

> the next troubling thing i got was when i called at&t to get
> dsl service, they also say they don't support linux. what can
> be done with this?

And Cox doesn't support Linux either, but the cable modem outputs 
Ethernet & TCP/IP, and the whole purpose of TCP/IP is inter-
operability so there should be no problems.

Anyway, you should run behind a h/w firewall.  Good consumer- 
grade firewalling routers cost about $50.  Adding 801.11g and 
WPA2 adds $20-30.

> I'm not a super user but i had a user level account on a unix
> system and liked the way it dit its thing. i need to get this
> thing up and running before i crawl unhappily back to windows.

What other Windows apps do you *need*?

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson, LA  USA

"I am an optimist. If I ever quit being an optimist, I guess I'll
become a Republican."
State Senator Ray Farabee ,(D-Wichita Falls, TX)

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