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Re: Adjusting volume, and system beep

Chris Bannister wrote:
On Thu, Dec 20, 2007 at 08:34:32AM -0800, Dr. Jennifer Nussbaum wrote:
Sorry if this is too basic a question.

I have an IBM ThinkPad T60 running lenny, using GNOME.

There looks like there are two main ways to adjust the volume. I can do it in
software by using the Volume Control or Mixer apps, or similar things from the commandline. Then i can use the volume buttons on the computer itself.
These dont seem to have anything to do with with volume displayed anywhere.
(Then some apps have their own volume adjustments too.)

The reason im asking is that right now in order to have a reasonable level of
volume, i have to crank up the computer buttons all the way. If i do this, then
having the software volume at 50% is mildly audible and having it near 100% is
fairly loud. BUT, then the system beep is SUPER loud, it shakes my coffee cup,
my husband yells at me!

But if i turn the computer buttons down to something where the system beep
is "normal", i cant hear the speaker volume even at 100%.

Run alsamixer in a terminal, you'll see the pc speaker has its own
separate control.

Thanks Chris! Have been running PC speaker stuff for years and I *never* knew that alsamixer has its own PC speaker control.


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