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Re: Correct way to add multiple "secondary IPs"to one dev/interface in /etc/network/interfaces?

Adrian Levi <adrian.levi@gmail.com> wrote:

>AFAIK ip, route et al are called my ifconfig to do the work. 

This is not right. ifconfig uses the old ioctl interface to control the
network interfaces. ip uses the new netlink protocol.

>an alias in the interfaces file is the correct way to do it. Why do
>you not want to use an alias?

According to various ip(8) documents, aliases are deprecated in favor of
secondary addresses. This may just be wishful thinking on the part of
the authors of the iproute2 utility suite and kernel implementation,
since most distros still use ifconfig as the primary utility to
configure network interfaces.

However, if we are to have any chance of moving forward, we need to drop
the old ways of doing things for the new. I assume that this is what the
original poster is trying to do.

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