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Re: concatenating pdf files

On 12/21/07, ISHWAR RATTAN <rattan@cps.cmich.edu> wrote:
> I have scanned related pages of a document as jpeg
> (limitation of software), converted to pdf using
> imagemagick::convert. Now is there a way to concatenate
> the pdf files (or jpeg files and then conver to pdf)
> to collect the complete document.

Just yesterday evening I wrote a simple utility that allow this
wrapping cups-pdf functions. It's write in ruby and dependes from
cups-pdf, ruby and lpr.

I published a few minutes before you read your mail! You can find this on

It works with PS, JPEG, ASCII too. You can choose which pages to be
printed as document and print them in what order.

Please, report bugs and wish list. Enjoy!

Andrea Ganduglia
Openclose.it - Idee per il software libero

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