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Re: gmane suppresses the cc list

Kamaraju S Kusumanchi wrote the following on 09.12.2007 08:01
> I am using gmane to read the Debian mailing list discussions. I am using
> knode 0.10.5 on unstable for this purpose. The problem I have is that
> whenever a message is sent to multiple lists I am not able to see the other
> groups on the CC list. Looking at the message, I could not even figure out
> if the message is CCed to other groups.This is problematic because
> sometimes the message is copied to one group but the discussion usually
> takes place in another group. Without the CC list it is tough to figure out
> the best way to reply to it and take part in the discussion...
> Any ideas/suggestions overcoming this problem?
> thanks
> raju

I am reading through gmane with Thunderbird and i am pretty sure gmane
doens´t supress the CC(headers). instead i think you need to tell knode to
show them.
But sorry i haven´t any experience with knode so can´t help with that.


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