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Re: bash color aliases

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Christian Ruffer wrote:
> Hello Cassiano,
> thats what I expected. I did logout and login a several times while
> trying, but nothing happend.
> Is there a another place which overrights the /home/user/.bashrc ?

Have a look at ~/.bash_profile (where ~ is the user's home dir). Look
for these lines:

# include .bashrc if it exists
if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then
    . ~/.bashrc

It should look like what I have pasted above. If the if ... fi statement
is commented out, uncomment it. Otherwise, .bash_profile will be run,
but .bashrc won't.

Hope it solves your problem!

> Christian

Cassiano Leal

P.S.: Please don't top-post as it makes it harder to follow long threads.

> Cassiano Bertol Leal schrieb:
> Christian Ruffer wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> can you please tell me how to set colors and aliases in my bash.
>>>> I read the docs and comments, which told me to add or uncomment the
>>>> lines in /home/user/.bashrc.
>>>> I did that, but the changes didn't take an effect.
>>>> For the root user it works when I change /root/.bashrc
>>>> How can I change the bash for a normal user?
>>>> best regards,
>>>> Christian
> It actually *is* like that. The thing is that it will not work until the
> next time you log in.
> Cheers,
> Cassiano Leal

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