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Re: Can not read some messages with signature in mutt

On Wed, Dec 05, 2007 at 07:51:14PM -0500, Michael Pobega wrote:
> I've changed my ~/.muttrc file, does it work now Misko?

Yes, Now it is OK for me.
But there must be something wrong with my setup since as it seems
I am the only one who has this problem.

Here I include my .muttrc file.
I use Mutt 1.5.13 (2006-08-11) version as found on official DVD.

$ cat ~/.muttrc
ignore *
unignore To From Subject Date
# Determine in which order header should be displayed
hdr_order  Date: From To: Subject:

# Do not verify signature
#set crypt_verify_sig=no

# Here is my folders for mail
set folder=~/Mutt/Mail

# This is folder where readed mail are stored if they are not 
#    puted in some other folder
set mbox=+/special/readmail

# Where to save mesage for later to be send 'postponed' message
#      (some mailer call this 'draft' folder)
set postponed=+/special/postponed

# When we compose new message should it be postponed message
set recall=ask-no

# Here we save outgoing mails
set record=+/special/sendmail

# Outgoing mails can be saved in folder =/name where name is
#    username of senders from his address name@host.com
#set save_name=yes

# Set attachment forwarding
set mime_forward = ask-no

# Enable to edit headers when sending mail
set edit_headers=yes

# Editor to be used for sending mail
set editor="emacs -nw -l ~/.emacs"

# Allow messages with empty subject
set abort_nosubject=no

# Make a beep when new mail arrive
set beep_new=yes

# Not to abort sendig message when not changed this message
set abort_unmodified=no
# Let us sort mails in inbox by threads
set sort=threads

# When sending mail use adress supplied by user in From: field
# instead of default
set envelope_from=yes

# How to list folders when changing one
set folder_format="%2C %t%N %10s %f"

# This file cotains alsiases
set alias_file=~/Mutt/alias.mutt

# And this command reads alias from the given file
source ~/Mutt/alias.mutt

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