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Re: Can not read some messages with signature in mutt

On Wed, Dec 05, 2007 at 04:26:38PM +0100, Misko wrote:
> Just now I found new way to read Michael's emails:
> first pressing 'v' to see attachment and than with enter I can
> read his message. What I noticed with this process is that
> Michael's messages has only one attachment:
>   I     1 <no description>                             [text/plain, 7bit, 1.3K]
> but all other signed emails has two attachments:
>   I     1 <no description>                 [text/plain, quoted, us-ascii, 0.3K]
>   I     2 Digital signature                    [applica/pgp-signat, 7bit, 0.2K]
> Could this be the problem? But then I am puzzled why is it only me
> who can not read his messages and rest of you can.

As far as I can tell, Michael is using 'inline' while most of us are 
using 'mime'. Could you post your muttrc? Maybe there's some other 
option affecting this. BTW, what mutt version are you using?

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