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Re: Can not read some messages with signature in mutt

Misko(adatrg-mlist@yahoo.com.au) is reported to have said:
> On Tue, Dec 04, 2007 at 02:22:25PM -0800, Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
> > > I'm guessing GPG is not setup on your computer. Try setting 
> > > crypt_verify_sig to no.
> > > 
> > > Regards,
> > > Andrei
> > > P.S. Deliberately not signed to make it easier for you to read it ;)
> > 
> > that spoils the fun... I was just thinking how hilarious it would be
> > if we all replied with signed mail...
> > 
> > okay, unsigned to just to be nice ;-P
> > 
> > A
> I putted 'set crypt_verify_sig=no' line inot .muttrc file
> but it does not help. Funny thing is that I can not read emails
> only from Michael Pobega. All other messages (signet or not)
> are readable to me.
> When I read signet message mutt says:
> 'PGP signature could NOT be verified.'
> but show the content in pager. Only for Michael's emails it says:
> 'Could not copy message'
> amd refuse to show the text of message. This is most confusig to me.
> Just now I found new way to read Michael's emails:
> first pressing 'v' to see attachment and than with enter I can
> read his message. What I noticed with this process is that
> Michael's messages has only one attachment:
>   I     1 <no description>                             [text/plain, 7bit, 1.3K]
> but all other signed emails has two attachments:
>   I     1 <no description>                 [text/plain, quoted, us-ascii, 0.3K]
>   I     2 Digital signature                    [applica/pgp-signat, 7bit, 0.2K]
> Could this be the problem? But then I am puzzled why is it only me
> who can not read his messages and rest of you can.

I have 'set pgp_verify_sig = no' in my .muttrc and have no problem
with Michael's mail.

:-) HTH, YMMV, HAND :-)


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