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Re: permissions in /sbin

On Dec 5, 2007, at 5:51 AM, John Hasler wrote:

andy writes:
OK - but according to RUTE sbin = "Superuser binary executables.

The "s" is for "system", not for "superuser".

These are programs for system administration only. Only the root will
have these executables in their path" ("Rute User's Tutorial &
Exposition", Paul Sheer, 2002; p137).

Any user can add /sbin to her path.

And I often have done, usually after getting tired of seeing 'command not found' for the umpteenth time. A lot of Unix-ish systems put fairly innocuous and commonly used stuff like traceroute and ntpq there.

One obvious problem with removing permissions on all this stuff is there are sometimes situations where an ordinary user legitimately needs to run, say, mount.

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