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Re: random keystrokes ignored on console

On Tue, Dec 04, 2007 at 07:51:30PM -0600, Owen Heisler wrote:
> On Sat, 2007.12.01 20:33, Douglas A. Tutty wrote:
> > On Thu, Nov 29, 2007 at 09:32:52PM -0600, Owen Heisler wrote:
> > > Sometimes, when I type in the console, about 40% of the keystrokes are ignored.  
> > > If I type (for example) "startx" and hit enter, I'll see "sart" or somesuch and 
> > > the command fails.  In that same case, typing "sttartxx" and enter probably 
> > > would have worked, with "startx" being run.  The enter key is also affected, so 
> > > maybe I'd have had to hit it twice.  This is frustrating, obviously.  This
> > >  - does not seem to be related to system temperature,
> > >  - does not happen in X,
> > >  - doesn't seem to be happening consistently,
> > >  - and affects logging in (username & password) too.
> > > 
> > > This is on a new ThinkPad running Debian Lenny/Sid amd64.  I thought this 
> > > problem could be hardware-related, so I ran the hardware tests available on the 
> > > Rescue & Recovery disc included with the laptop.  Two tests failed:
> > >  System Board: USB Port Test - Abnormal Exit
> > >  SMBIOS: Standards Test - Failed
> > > but they don't seem related to the problem.
> > How did you determine that the hardware errors reported don't seem to be
> > related to the problem?  Get the service manual from IBM's website and
> > see what it says to do to fix the problem.  Do the diags give you any
> > FRU (Field-Replacable Unit) numbers?
> I don't know whether the hardware errors are related, but I'm beginning to not 
> trust the PCDoctor software included on the ThinkPad Rescue & Recovery media.  
> It doesn't include any more information than what is in this message (unless 
> I'm missing something).  Linux isn't complaining about any hardware and 
> everything seems to work.

I know that some IBMs come with nice software for user's to run, but
usually there's a bios-based advanced diagnostics.  If you get the
service manual from IBM's website, you'll probably find the magic
keystrokes (try holding down F1 while you power on) to get into the
advanced diagnostics.  If there is a hardware fault, it will give you
an FRU number which you then look up in the service manual and it tells
you what it is and what to do.  Its usally quite detailed.


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