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Re: random keystrokes ignored on console

On Sat, 2007.12.01 20:33, Douglas A. Tutty wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 29, 2007 at 09:32:52PM -0600, Owen Heisler wrote:
> > Sometimes, when I type in the console, about 40% of the keystrokes are ignored.  
> > If I type (for example) "startx" and hit enter, I'll see "sart" or somesuch and 
> > the command fails.  In that same case, typing "sttartxx" and enter probably 
> > would have worked, with "startx" being run.  The enter key is also affected, so 
> > maybe I'd have had to hit it twice.  This is frustrating, obviously.  This
> >  - does not seem to be related to system temperature,
> >  - does not happen in X,
> >  - doesn't seem to be happening consistently,
> >  - and affects logging in (username & password) too.
> > 
> > This is on a new ThinkPad running Debian Lenny/Sid amd64.  I thought this 
> > problem could be hardware-related, so I ran the hardware tests available on the 
> > Rescue & Recovery disc included with the laptop.  Two tests failed:
> >  System Board: USB Port Test - Abnormal Exit
> >  SMBIOS: Standards Test - Failed
> > but they don't seem related to the problem.
> Try booting with init=/bin/sh on the kernel command line.
> Did you have the problem on grub's command line?
> This avoids all daemons.  You don't get a login but you do get a command
> line (with / mount ro).  See if the problem persists.
> Then try booting the single-user mode.  dbus (if it is a problem) is run
> in runlevel2.

dbus is the problem.  After booting up, 2-3 dbus processes are listed: 1-2 
"dbus-daemon" and a "dbus-launch".  Killing "dbus-launch" fixes the problem and 
makes one "dbus-daemon" disappear.

> Do you get the problem if you ssh into the box from another box?  What
> about a serial console?

Not with ssh; I don't know about with a serial console.

> How did you determine that the hardware errors reported don't seem to be
> related to the problem?  Get the service manual from IBM's website and
> see what it says to do to fix the problem.  Do the diags give you any
> FRU (Field-Replacable Unit) numbers?

I don't know whether the hardware errors are related, but I'm beginning to not 
trust the PCDoctor software included on the ThinkPad Rescue & Recovery media.  
It doesn't include any more information than what is in this message (unless 
I'm missing something).  Linux isn't complaining about any hardware and 
everything seems to work.

> Do you have the problems with any other OS?  I find it handy to have an
> OpenBSD install floppy (and CD) available for other-OS testing.

I don't have this problem with GRML.


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