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Re: OT: Socket A motherboard

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Cassiano Bertol Leal wrote:
> Ron Johnson wrote:
>> On 12/04/07 11:30, Cassiano Bertol Leal wrote:
>>> Ron Johnson wrote:
>>>> On 12/03/07 20:59, Sam Leon wrote:
>>>>> Ron Johnson wrote:
>>>>>> And *none* will have SATA.
>>>>> Do you mean sataII?  There are alot of socket A boards that have sata,
>>>>> the nf7-s v2 included.
>>>> I'm surprised.  But then Wikipedia tells me that it's aka Socket
>>>> 462, so it's lasted longer than I thought it did.
>>> Why is it surprising? P4's are still alive and many have support for
>>> SATA.
>> Alive as in "still works"?  Or alive as in "still being fabricated"?
> Alive as in "still work" and as in "many companies and individuals still
> largely use them" with an emphasis on *largely*.
> I have not yet come across a company that would provide me with anything
> different from a P4 or a P4-HT for my workstation.
>> Unless I'm totally out of the loop 32-bit Athlons and P4s haven't
>> been fabbed in more than a year.
> "more than a year"? And when did SATA come out? Last

This was supposed to be: "Last month?"

>>>        I actually find my Athlon XP Barton to be more responsive than
>>> some P4-HT that I have used. Why would it not support SATA?
>>> Look at the A7N8X from ASUS, for example.
>>> If you google for "socket a" +"sata", you'll get many...
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