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Re: OT: Socket A motherboard

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Ron Johnson wrote:
> On 12/04/07 11:30, Cassiano Bertol Leal wrote:
>> Ron Johnson wrote:
>>> On 12/03/07 20:59, Sam Leon wrote:
>>>> Ron Johnson wrote:
>>>>> And *none* will have SATA.
>>>> Do you mean sataII?  There are alot of socket A boards that have sata,
>>>> the nf7-s v2 included.
>>> I'm surprised.  But then Wikipedia tells me that it's aka Socket
>>> 462, so it's lasted longer than I thought it did.
>> Why is it surprising? P4's are still alive and many have support for
>> SATA.
> Alive as in "still works"?  Or alive as in "still being fabricated"?

Alive as in "still work" and as in "many companies and individuals still
largely use them" with an emphasis on *largely*.

I have not yet come across a company that would provide me with anything
different from a P4 or a P4-HT for my workstation.

> Unless I'm totally out of the loop 32-bit Athlons and P4s haven't
> been fabbed in more than a year.

"more than a year"? And when did SATA come out? Last

>>        I actually find my Athlon XP Barton to be more responsive than
>> some P4-HT that I have used. Why would it not support SATA?
>> Look at the A7N8X from ASUS, for example.
>> If you google for "socket a" +"sata", you'll get many...
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