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Re: results: debian-user's favourite FLOSS

On Sun, Dec 02, 2007 at 07:36:08PM +0200, Tshepang Lekhonkhobe wrote:
> Hi debian-user,
> Here is a summary of the mini-poll that I conducted recently on Debian-user:

Very interesting results, and thanks for doing this. 

> Firefox/Iceweasel and GIMP reign supreme for the third year running
> but are now joined by aptitude, each having 21 votes.

thy are category killing apps. Intersting is the number of cli web
browsers populating the 3-5 positions. I would have thought we'd see
opera or something in there. 

> I was surprised
> by Quod Libet receiving one vote but more surprising was F-Spot which
> also got just one and Tomboy receiving only 2 votes.

I'm not surprised. My kids use Tomboy sporadically, and all I can say
is, just like its icon, you can't really beat a post-it note. 

> The most
> surprising category is "misc utilities" because none of the 2005 and
> 2006 winners, sudo and grep received enough votes (three) to appear
> here.

Interesting. I view it more like this: sudo and grep (find, sort, etc
etc etc) are ubiquitous. I'm surprised they made the list at all. I
consider it equivalent to asking woodworkers what their favorite tool
is and being surprised that you don't get "sandpaper" in the
list. They all use sandpaper, they couldn't imagine a shop without it,
but its just assumed. The discussion will center around things like
routers versus shapers versus custom profiled handplanes. Chisels and
saws versus dove-tail jigs and routers. Biscuit joiners vs
pocket-screw jigs versus mortise-and-tenon tools. etc. Of course
they're all going to use sandpaper at the end, its not a choice. Just
a thought on the psychology of these sorts of polls. 



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