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Re: changing font for xclock

Mike Polyakov wrote:
Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
Mike Polyakov wrote:
I've been trying to change the font for xclock to something smaller,
and nothing seems to work. Did anyone ever succeed in setting a
different font for xclock? Could anyone help me out with this if they
know how to do it. I've tried 7x14 type fonts and fonts from xfontset
with -font and -fn options, with no avail.

What did you try for the -face option?


Hi, thanks for responding.
I didn't try anything for this option before your answer, but after
your suggestion I was able to change xclock's font to my liking. Thank
you again.
To find the names of the possible fonts and the way they look, I had
to open KWord and go into its font properties dialog. Is there an
analog to xfontsel in the world of true type fonts?

So what exactly was the parameter that worked?


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