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Re: wajig < > apt-get

Jonathan Kaye wrote:
steef wrote:

hi folks,

somebody on this list mentioned wajig.
my question: what program is more useful for a user:

wajig or (what i have been using for years) apt-get



Hi Steef,
I prefer wajig to other package tools because:
1. It has a cli.
2. You can enter a wajig environment (with the prompt wajig> ) without
having to repeat wajig infront of every command.
3. on doing wajig>update it tells you how many upgrades you may have (with
aptitude you get no info after updating).
4. wajig's search is more exhaustive than aptitude's (sometimes this is not
a benefit)
thanks ron and jonathan. gonna try wajig: in fact i did install it. and, ron, kitchen sink seems indeed an americanism.

kind reg.,


drs. steef van duin

publicist, research-journalist

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