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Re: what's your favourite FLOSS?

Before releasing the results, here's out my own favourites:

desktop OR window manager:

* Python, GTK2

* Gnumeric

misc utilities:
* grep, Sudo, debmirror, Lsof, less, Meld, Uptimed, sort, du, wc, top,
svn, mencoder, Tracker, apt-show-source, APTonCD, File-roller

package manager:
* Wajig

* Gnumeric

tag editor:
* Ex Falso

terminal emulator:
* GNOME Terminal

text editor:
* Scribes

web composer:
* Iceape

anything deservinggreat honours:
* toolchain (GCC, GLibC, Binutils), Linux, Bash, coreutils, Xorg,
GTK2, GLib, Qt, Apache, Perl, Python

anything unreleased and anticipated:
* HURD, Coyotos + BitC + BitCC

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