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Re: norton commander

On Fri, Nov 30, 2007 at 07:27:17PM +0000, steef wrote:
> a long time ago, in 1993, i had a 386 box with dos, wp51 and the norton 
> commander.  with the norton commander i could talk to a person behind 
> the key-board of another computer and send my workfiles (made with 
> wp5.1, that marvellous editing program). the 386 is dismantled. the hd 
> of 150 mb is still completely loaded in my possession.
> i suppose the midnight commander was directly derived from the norton 
> commander. or not ?? if yes: where can i find more info on this 
> development?. just out of curiosity.

AFAIK, Norton Commander was the inspiration for mc.  Note that I haven't
seen a function for talking to another person.  However, this is Unix.
How did your computer connect with the other?  If via a modem or serial
line, then you want minicom in Debian.  You can sit an chat with someone
and send and receive files all from within minicom.  


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