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Re: apache2 freezes @sarge

Miro Dietiker wrote:
Hi list

I trapped into an apache2 freeze thing (debian sarge, apache2 libapache2-mod-php4)

After certain time (from few minutes to many hours) apache simply freezes. Freeze meaning here: Processes still present but no processing time on them. Each request is not responded but queued (showing status bar till timeout).

When i restart apache2 anything is fine again - at least for some minutes.

Trying to trace it down to some buggy script execution i checked logs and found nothing similar between those events. This is a live installation and we're suffering... System load at ~1.0 .. 2.0 The issue started at one specific day, where we didn't change anything by intention. Replacing the whole hardware also didn't help.

Is there someone to show me ways to debug this issue or any idea?! (Personal contacts also apreciated.)
I'm happy to hear any input about this one.

Did you look on the BTS[1] ? Maybe, it's a bug, even if I'm not convinced.

[1] : http://bugs.debian.org


Shams Fantar (Website : http://snurf.info)

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