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Re: Installing xfce on existing Etch gnome install

No issues, they have no problem existing in parallel, I've seem machines with
xfce, gnome, kde, fvwm and a few others in parallel. I personally switch window
managers occasionally just for the fun of the change and have several existing
in parallel.

The only thing that may take some work is making the choice of which one to
load easy enough (I setup things in .Xsession but I think gdm can do it from
the startup menu). The only thing is that xfwm4 doesn't have a replace option
so it's a bit more difficult to change window managers without restarting
unless your session manager has a menu option (fusion-icon allows me to change
betwin compiz and xfwm4 but if I start compiz --replace I have a problem going
back without restart)

I believe that xfce can also use the gnome backend for settings and you can mix
and match the panel and window manager. The xfce panel can even use gnome
applets (with a plugin to do it)

 On Sat, 01 Dec 2007 12:49:19 +0100
Andrew Henry <adhenry@bredband.net> wrote:

> Is this easy to do?  Is it as simple as installing an xfce meta package
> and then selecting xfce as the desktop when logging in?  I've never
> tried using multiple desktop environments before and wonder if there any
> caveats I need to be aware of.
> --andrew

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