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Re: Gnome desktop and digital camera: How?

El sáb, 01-12-2007 a las 10:40 +0100, Dan H escribió:
> Hello,
> whenever I plug in my digital camera (Canon S50), a window pops up on the Gnome desktop asking me if I wanted to download the photos to my personal album. Once I clicked "yes", something seemed to happen, but I've got no idea what or where my "personal album" might be (a "find" on JPG images in my $HOME dir didn't turn up anything).
> I also couldn't access the camera via gtkam; I got the message that the device was "in use", presumably by the saving-into-nirvana feature of the "personal album" thingy.
> So the next time (after rebooting, even) I clicked "Ignore" on the album-saving window, but gtkam still claims that it can't get hold of the camera (although the camera is correctly identified).
> I can't get my head around all this graphical desktop stuff. I'm actually trying to fix this for my wife. Myself I just yank the photos off the camera with a command-line utility as root.

I think the popup is managed by gnome-volume-manager. Try disabling its
digital camera functions, or disabling it completely and see if you
still have problems with gtkam.

On the other hand, the program executed by gnome-volume-manager is
gnome-volume-manager-gthumb which in fact asks for a destination for the
pictures (in lenny).

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