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Re: Is it exist a mailing-list for console only users ?

s. keeling wrote:
> Why are you so attached to your PII? I'm in Canada too, and I bought
(vfxweb.com) an old PIII-733, added 0.5 Gb RAM and a used CD-RW
($25.00), all of which adds up to a screamer (running the apps I use)
for under $200.

That's right!

I've just finished configuring three old P1 desktop boxes as: firewall; email server; and fax box. My main box (still in development) is going to be a screamer. The box I've just retired, only because the Mainboard blew up, a 1GHz Athlon based, P3, with 1 Gb of ram, was quite satisfactory for many years.


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