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Re: CD to acc

Installed all according instructions. Sound juicer doesn't like to accept new format, but doing job well now. The new problem arised - nothing want to playback m4a.

Kelly Clowers wrote:
On Nov 27, 2007 12:37 PM, Pantor <pantor@painter-decorator.eu> wrote:
After installing gstreamer plugin what to do with sound juicer
perferences? There is no acc option still.

Are you on etch (stable) or lenny/sid (testing/unstable)?
If you have the newer version of sound-juicer that is in
lenny and sid, click edit -> preferences and then click
on "edit profiles". There should be an aac profile. Select
it and click edit and mark it as active. Close the windows
until you are back to the original pref window. Then you
should be able to select aac from the drop-down list.

If you have an older version of sound-juicer from etch,
you may have to create a new profile in a similar manner.

Here is an Ubuntu guide to adding the profile:


Even turning on the profile is kind of a pain, but at least
you only need to do it once.

Kelly Clowers.

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