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Re: Exim3 With multiple domains

On Sun, Nov 25, 2007 at 10:22:34PM -0500, Kip Banfield wrote:
> I am trying to setup Exim 3 with multiple domains and I was reading the
> article Handling mail for multiple domains with exim3 and in this article
> it mentions (we need to add these domains to the 'userforward' directive
> as follows) I do not have a userforward section is there another name for
> this in the exim.conf file or do I need to add this?

I know this is not what you asked for, but:

apt-cache show exim

Package: exim
Version: 3.36-18.2
Description: An obsolete MTA (Mail Transport Agent), replaced by exim4
 There is no automated update path from exim 3 to exim4 since the
 configuration formats are rather different.

I hope you have good reasons for using exim3 otherwise upgrade to 4.

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