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Re: how to build from _modified_ source package

Kamaraju S Kusumanchi wrote:
Daniel B. wrote:

How do you rebuild a Debian package from source _with_ local

The instructions I've seen all extract source (original plus
patches) and build in one step, not giving a chance to make
local edits.

I frequently do this with couple of packages. For example, I would like to have readline support, history support in gnuplot. So I recompile it myself in a "debianized way". The step-by-step instructions as to how I do it can be found at


Thanks.  Unfortunately, those instructions address only changing some
configuration in the debian/ directory, not editing source.

Are there any instructions for proceeding from having downloaded
the source package files and _not_ having unpacked things?

(I think my current state is as if I had done

  apt-get source --download-only xfree86

(I didn't actually do --download-only, but from cleaning up after
trying a couple things I think that's the state I'm in.))

Daniel B.

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