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modifer fstab by mistake,can not boot debian

I have been using debian(sid) for quite a while. I also have windows
xp installed on my pc too. When I use debian, I modified fstab to let
debian mouse an NTFS drive automatically.

Today,  to test some parameters in fstab, I changed a parameter for
the NTFS drive from auto(which worked fine previously) to default(just
like ext3 ). But after that, the system could not boot. It stoped
right here:

      "Please use option nls=<charsetname> in the future.
       NTFS Volume Version 3.1"

I dont know how to do now. I really have very important data from my
research on my pc. Is it possible to edit fstab or just boot to some
kind of basic system, so at least I can rescue my data?

Many thanks, I am having a tough thanksgiving now.

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