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Re: X server on lenny - broken after today's dist-upgrade

On 11/17/07, David Fox <dfox94085@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am having a problem and I've only got a minimal xfce4 setup right
> now, enough to press alt-f2 to run iceweasel. I've basically lost the
> ability to start x into my normal KDE environment. I get some errors
> on the controlling terminal - these error messages are strange to me.
> startkde never gets to start; I get a blue screen with a mouse cursor,
> and nothing more.


Still having issues, but managed to figure out how to correctly start
xfce4. It is almost usable, but slow, because of the nv fallback

I sent by mistake only the startx errors to another thread entitled
"followup to my last message". Sorry if that breaks continuity. I can
attach it to this message so as to not break the thread.

As I said before, the startkde never gets a chance to start, but at
least X is working - sort of.

I want to of course figure out what those extra errors are coming from
and how to fix it. The dist-upgrade doesn't seem to have helped this
situation - did a dist-upgrade this AM on lenny and everything was
fine, and suddenly I was trying to look at a document in openoffice
and the whole X session just hung, and I had to ctrl-alt-backspace.
After that, I can't get my display back the way it was.

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