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Re: Mount HFS+

webjay wrote:
> On Nov 11, 12:00 pm, Davide Mancusi <are...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > webjay ha scritto:>
> > # mount -t hfsplus -r /dev/sda /mnt/usbdisk
> >
> >                            ^^^
> > Shouldn't this be sda1? Just a thought, I do not use HFS+.
> No, I tried that with the same result.
> I think mount picks the first available.

Note that Apple partitioning is different from PC partitioning.
When mounting a hfs+ partition, it looks like you have 4 or 10
partitions, only one of them (possibly sda2 or sda4) is usable, all the
others appear to have zero length.

I once saw this in a partitioning program of another distro; in Debian
I haven't found a way yet to make these partitions visible.

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