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(solved)Re: Can I resize partition?

Sorry, my memory fails.

After entering fdisk, I find free disk space is just before /dev/sda2, not after it.

It seems that I can't resize it. Thanks anyway!

--- Raj Kiran Grandhi <grajkiran@gmail.com> wrote:

> Serena Cantor wrote:
> > My sarge is installed at /dev/sda2. There is some disk space just behind /dev/sda2.
> > Can I let sarge use that space by resizing /dev/sda2?
> Yes you can! Just use fdisk to delete /dev/sda2 and rectreate it with 
> the same starting point and the new size (that includes the free space) 
> Then use resize2fs to resize the filesystem to the new size. You might 
> also want to look into gparted, as it has a very nice gui that is a lot 
> less intimidating than fdisk. You can even boot off a gparted livecd and 
> fix your partition.
> > Saving data and reformatting /dev/sda2 and reinstalling sarge takes too much time.
> Even though gparted and the fdisk method have never failed on me, I 
> usually backup my most critical data when I muck around with the 
> partitioning. If you have enough space on another disk or on a remote 
> machine, you might want to consider clonezilla-live take a backup. It 
> uses partimage and is much faster than cp, tar, rsync or dd.
> You can find gparted and clonezilla live cds at 
> [gparted|clonezilla].sourceforge.net (a multi boot cd offering both is 
> also available)
> -- 
> Raj Kiran Grandhi

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