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Re: what's your favourite FLOSS?

> I use Kpdf most of the time but xpdf has a smaller footprint (both
> memory and disk space requirements).  I have Kpdf on my main Athlon box
> and xpdf on my PII.  I can view a pdf directly on the PII with xpdf or I
> can ssh -X into my athlon box and view it with Kpdf if I set Kpdf for
> poor performance.  Its stores rendered pages in the Xorg memory
> footprint on the PII.  If I'm really tight for memory, I'll run xpdf on
> the Athlon and it will keep rendered pages on the Athlon.

I also found kpdf outperform xpdf for big files.  But the only reason
I still keep using xpdf is that I can't set the vi key-binding (hjkl
is enough) in kpdf.


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