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Re: mysterious loss of internet connection

--- Steve Kleene <skdeb@syrano.acb.uc.edu> wrote:

> My Etch machine at home is connected to a DSL
> service via a Netgear hub
> (router) at home.  Sometime in the last two days,
> the machine lost its
> network connection to the outside world.  It seems
> to be a software problem.
> It had been fine since I built it in January.
> Here's what I know:
> 1. If I boot from the XP partition, I have full
> internet service anywhere I
>    try.  So the hardware seems OK.  There is only
> one NIC.
> 2. Running Etch, I can ping the router (
> and check its software
>    configuration in iceweasel.  The router
> configuration is the same as it's
>    always been.  It shows that the router has
> received an IP address
>    (10.something) from the ISP.
> 3. I cannot ping or otherwise reach any site past
> the router by name or by IP
>    address.  If I try, it times out.
> 4. Rebooting doesn't help.
> 5. The output of "ifconfig -a" looks normal.  It
> shows eth0 on,
> whole output if necessary.
> 6. I haven't done any upgrades with apt since five
> days ago, which is clearly
>    before the problem started.
> 7. Nothing jumps out at me from dmesg or
> /var/log/messages.
> 8. I found the iceweasel cache files from my last
> successful browsing.  Then
>    I used find to list every file on the system that
> had been modified since
>    then.  Again, I didn't recognize anything scary.
> I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to continue
> chasing this down.  It may
> go slowly, since the problem is at home but my only
> connection now is at
> work.
> Thanks.
i had a similar problem here, i run my internet
through a cable connection, and had mysteriously lost
the ability to connect to the internet. Probably a
completely diffrent cause but i would check dbus i
have found that it wants to shut itself off and
ignores me everytime that i tell it to start running
on startup (which i have set the last several times
that i have booted up)

anyway hope that helps, 

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