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Re: How to check tftp server is running?

Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
On Mon, Nov 05, 2007 at 03:14:05PM +1100, hce wrote:
On 11/5/07, Jeff Grossman <jeff@stikman.com> wrote:
hce wrote:

I've just installed tftp and tftpd package by apt-get. But, I could
not see the tftp server running. Actually, I could not figure out
where is the tftp script. In FC6, the tftp script is in xinit.d. In
Debian, there is not xinit.d.

How can I check whether the tftp server is running or not? And, if
not, which command I can call to run the tftp server?

Thank you.


I don't think Debian uses xinetd by default.  It puts everything in the
inetd.conf file.  You can manually move the entries over to an xinetd file.

probably you should avoid inet.d and just start the service directly.

Indeed, the tftp is in inetd.conf file.  But, how can I
run/restart/stop tftp server? Also, how can I check whether the tftp
server is running or not? I checked ps and grep with in.tftpd, but
could not find it.

in debian services are started with an init script stored in
/etc/init.d/ and linked to various runlevels in /etc/rc[S123456].d/

to start the service use either

/etc/init.d/<Service name> start

invoke-rc.d <Service name> start

to check the status of a service, look at ps -e (grepping as
appropriate) or check
invoke-rc.d <Service name> status

(or /etc/init.d/<Service name>)

personally, i like the /etc/init.d/ route as you get tab completion of
a service name, if you happen to not remember it exactly.

Many services won't actually start unless they are enabled in
/etc/default/<service name>, so if you start a service and it doesn't
seem to work, check there.


I looked at the files listing in packages.debian.org for the tftpd program. It does not install anything in /etc/init.d. I am not sure if that program can run as a daemon.


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