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Re: [Dovecot] Testing with some Unstable

Jeff Grossman wrote:
Jeff Grossman wrote:
Andrew Sackville-West wrote:

actually, assuming you now have unstable in your sources.list, those
are packages currently installed for which there are updates available
(probably unstable updates...). Be careful or you'll end up farther
than you want.

I can't answer to the specifics of sendmail and libmilter, but so long
as you have unstable in your sources.list, those kept-back packages
will appear (unless you upgrade them, of course). Probably, on the
assumption that sendmail and libmilter is sufficient for your needs,
you should change you sources.list back once those two upgrades are
I have "APT::Default-Release "testing";" in my apt.conf file. Is it still advised to remove the unstable lines from my sources.list file even though I have the above in my apt.conf file?

Thanks for you help.

Whoops, I sent this to the wrong list.  My apologies.


I must be new at sending e-mail. Trying to apologize to the Dovecot list about sending the message to the wrong list, I sent the apology e-mail here. Wow, what a bad day with the fingers typing.

Sorry for the noise.


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