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Re: New Server

Ed Curtis wrote:
I'm getting ready to build a new server. Has anyone on the list had any problems or used Silicon Mechanics before. I'm checking out some quotes from there. They use Nvida MCP55 Pro dual nics in their system. I thought I had heard about problems with Nvida nics in the past on the list but Google hasn't given me any bad new about them.

TIA for any info,



I recently built a box with an onboard Nvidia NIC, and it didn't work under Etch. I spent several days Googling and troubleshooting it until I finally gave up and installed a PCI NIC I knew would work. The problem seemed to boil down to the fact that the forcedeth driver was not able to query to NIC properly to get its MAC address, so it would just assign a random MAC address to it instead. Because of this, the NIC got a different device designation (eth0, eth1, etc.) each time the computer booted, and it wasn't possible to use udev to fix it since the MAC address was always different.

One of my Google searches brought up a post that said this was fixed in the forcedeth driver in testing, but I didn't try it.

    - Dave


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