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ebox on Debian

Hi there,

	Just wondering whether anyone has tried ebox
http://www.ebox-platform.com on the debian system. By the looks it's
similar to Webmin, however, not as long running. Currently, it's running
version 0.10. I was considering setting it up on my firewall\proxy
\router at home.

	Any comments, ideas appreciated.
Regards & Best 73,

Stef Daniels VK5HSX            - (OpenPGP: 0x828E2EB0)
Amateur Radio Station           
Adelaide, Sth Australia        - (vk5hsx@wia.org.au)
Member South Coast ARC Inc.    - (www.scarc.org.au)
Member Wireless Inst. of Aust  - (www.wia.org.au)

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