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Re: How to read phone memory card?

Rodolfo Medina wrote:
Does anyone know how can Debian read a mobile phone memory card?

I think I properly inserted the card into the PC, but then, how to mount it -
*if* possible?

On my etch system with kde when I insert a card into a card reader I get a window popping up asking me if I want to 'open' it, by which it means (p)mounting it as /media/sdX1 and opening a konqueror filebrowser window on the mounted system. If that doesn't happen, or you tell it not to, you can pmount it yourself. You just have to know what X is, which depends on the mysteries and vagaries of usb, but you can get a clue from dmesg.

For processing digicam pictures I have a script which tries various devices:

CARD_DEVS="sdb1 sdf1 sde1 sdg1 sdd1 sdc1 sda1"

mount_card () {
    echo -n "Trying "
    for DEV in $CARD_DEVS; do
        echo -n "/dev/$DEV ... "
        pmount /dev/$DEV 2>/dev/null && check_mount_point\
 && find_dcim_dir && return 0
    echo "*** Couldn't mount card ***"
    return 1

check_mount_point () {
    if [ ! -d $MOUNT_POINT ]; then
        echo "** /dev/$DEV mounted but not found mounted on\ $MOUNT_POINT"
        return 1
    echo "mounted on $MOUNT_POINT"
    return 0

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