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Hello.  I have dialup access to the internet.  I'm currently using
gnome-ppp (a front-end for wvdial).  I'm wondering if it is possible to
set it up so that it automatically connects to the internet when I open
the browser, as opposed to me having to open the gnome-ppp program
manually.  I use the Toronto Freenet, which has time limits.  Once the
time limit has expired for the day, it will allow unlimited reconnects
for a couple of minutes.  So, if I'm reading a news site, I'm hoping to
be able to load the site, and, if it disconnects, to be able to simply
click on the link to the next page, and have it reconnect.  Currently, I
have to open gnome-ppp, reconnect, and then, the links don't work
unless I reload the page a few times.  It's irritating.  On Windows
machines, it just reconnects automatically without the fuss when I
press a link.



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