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Re: digital album making choices and photo management

David Fox wrote:
> > I have been using kphotoalbum for quite some time.  It has an excellent
> > database for tagging photos.  The plugins allow you to export in various
> > ways.  You can export to cd, create a slidewhow, export to flickr, export
> Speaking of which, I know I saw some similar functionality in digikam,
> which I use for photo management nowadays and do a limited amount of
> editing with it too. But the functionality to do slide shows as well
> as other fun things (calendar making for one) have disappeared. Some
> computer display "slideshows" work but others don't seem to be there
> anymore, compared to what I remember digikam being able to do.
> I wonder if I'm missing some plugins.

Maybe you need the kipi-plugins?

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