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Re: "Dual Booting" linux thin client or windows

Sid Arth wrote:
Is it possible to "dual boot" into either normal windows (booting from
the harddrive) or linux which is stored on the network? Ive looked into
something called pxe a little, but that looks more like a one way thing.
Linux only and it seems you need some sorta special bios for it.

I was wondering if there is something where you could pick which OS you
want to load, and if you pick the linux one, it will  boot off a server
on my network.

Could you not have /boot on a small local partition or USB flashdrive with a full GRUB menu allowing selection of OS, then all the other linux partitions could be mounted over NFS?

I want to do exactly the same thing with my HTPCs so I'm watching this tread with interest, keep us informed on how it goes.

Good Luck.

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