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Re: digital album making choices and photo management

On 10/12/07, H.S. <hs.samix@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> Could some users share their photo management experiences in Debian
> here? I have this little project at hand. The objective is to make a
> digital album of family pictures to be given to family members on a CD.

Would you be wanting to just have them view the pictures on the
computer or would you want them to be able to "play'" the CD in a
capable DVD player?

If the former, then that's rather simple, just drag and drop the
pictures into a new K3b data project and use k3b to burn the contents
to disk.

If you want family members to simply pop the disk into their DVD
player, as long as that player supports SVCD or VCD playback (most
should) then you might want to look at the tovid project
(tovid.sourceforge.net). I have done some stuff with this package,
mostly to transfer movies over to DVDs, but there is also new work
being done with it to make photo vcds/svcd's, which could also feature
a musical soundtrack and autofade in and out to the other pictures in
the "roll".

There's a mailing list (tovid-users@googlegroups.com) - look for a
subject line "makevcd and slides". Most of the functionality is in
"todisc", though.

I use the svn repository rather than a debian package, but there
should be a package for it. It's mostly shell script and Python.

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