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Re: lenny nvidia-glx

On 10/10/07, Bill Six <billsix@gmail.com> wrote:

> When I was running etch, the directions here worked.  But when I try to
> install in nvidia-glx in testing, I get the following:
> debian:/home/bill# apt-get install nvidia-glx
> Reading package lists... Done

What you may need to do includes getting into the sid repositories for
at least the
kernel (2.6.22), nvidia-kernel-source, and nvidia-glx. This latter may
and probably will bring in other sid components for xorg.

I'm running lenny as well and finally bit the bullet and got into sid
to get the parts that haven't made it to testing for whatever reasons.

Once you have the new kernel, then you can build the modules using
module-assistant (auto-install) nvidia-kernel-source. This will build
the nvidia kernel module. Once you then install sid's nvidia-glx, you
should be home free. It was scary at first because apt wanted to bring
in packages and remove others and I wasn't really sure what it wanted
to do. So I replied back on the list for a little more help and in the
meantime went ahead and completed the install. So now I have a working
3d xorg again (yay).

With a few caveats - beryl doesn't want to start right - it wants to
rely on something named "dbus-deamon" but it can't start it. So that
thing fails (beryl --replace).

Compiz (from testing) seems to work fine in some startups but not in
others, and has recently seemingly crashed, as when I start kde, I
don't get any window decorations at all, so I do a 'kwin --replace' in
a konsole to get back to a sane state, without compiz running. (I had
compiz setup to start in kde's autostart folder, but I have since
removed that entry.)

Sometimes, after leaving my system on for a long time, I come back to
it to find that I cannot do anything - the screen does not come back,
and nothing seems to work, so I end up having to reset the machine.
This wasn't the case before.

I have an nvidia FX 5200 (128 meg) so there's ample video for compiz
and probably beryl (I have been able to at least get a feel for both
actually running on my system a few times, but I don't think I'd do it
all the time, simply because my box is underpowered (1000 mhz Athlon
Tbird) :(.

> Bill

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