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Re: Problem with Lenny / Intel 82801G (ICH7) and line-in

On Wed, Oct 10, 2007 at 19:29:51 +0200, Peter Gruener wrote:
>> [...]
>> > I am using audacity, there it works in the meanwhile (somehow). I had to 
>> > select "Mic" as input source with alsamixer and audacity is using "OSS: 
>> > /dev/dsp " as input source and  "ALSA: HDA Intel: STAC92xx Digital > 
>> (hw:0,1)" as output device.
>> Complex programs, such as audacity, are not the right tools to
>> troubleshoot hardware and driver problems (in my opinion). What happens
>> if you use "arecord"?
> the same noisy something as skype does.

OK, so it is not the fault of skype.

>>  But with skype the recorded sound is really strange. Might there be a > 
>> problem with codecs?
>> What do you mean by "strange"? Over-amplified and distorted maybe?  
> it's not very clear, there is a grumbling in the background with clicking 
> noise.

OK, that does not sound like you have an over-amplification problem.

>> Try to adjust "Capture" levels with alsamixer until you get a clean
>> recording with arecord, then you can start to worry about the additional
>> problems involving skype. I would begin by turning down "Digtal" (that
>> control is very touchy for my Intel ICH8 card).
> Turning down "Digital" results in having nothing recorded. Also strange is 
> that all "Capture" levels have to be quite high in addition to "Digital" 
> that you can hear something.

Have you tried all other controls? I have seen some counterintuitive (to
me at least) interactions between ALSA controls for various cards.
Unfortunately I have no experience with the ICH7 chipset, therefore I
cannot make any specific suggestions to you.

Otherwise you might have to look at the documentation of the Intel sound
module(s) and try some of the listed workarounds. They normally involve
unloading the module and mobprobing it again with special parameters.
You can install the linux-doc-* package for your running kernel and go
to the /usr/share/doc/linux-doc-2.6.18/Documentation/sound/alsa
directory. ALSA-Configuration.txt.gz lists a lot of things to try. 
(The Documentation/sound/alsa directory is also included in the kernel

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          Florian   |

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