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Re: rescue bootable cd ???

Em Qui, 2007-10-04 às 15:32 -0700, David Brodbeck escreveu:
> On Oct 3, 2007, at 6:03 PM, Daniel Burrows wrote:
> > On Sat, Sep 29, 2007 at 07:37:10PM -0500, helices  
> > <helices@helices.org> was heard to say:
> >> The problem with knoppix cd, and the debian installation/rescue  
> >> cd, is
> >> that they do NOT understand the specifics of my lvm over software  
> >> raid
> >> 5.  The specifics required probably all reside under /etc -- on a
> >> filesystem in lvm on software raid 5.
> >
> >   Are you sure this is the case?  Software raid and LVM are both  
> > kernel
> > things (with userland support utilities), and they're autodetected  
> > using
> > magic numbers on the partitions.  As long as the kernel is compiled  
> > with
> > support, I'd expect them to be accessible.  It might be that the
> > autodetection just isn't running on startup; I wonder if some work  
> > with
> > mdadm and the LVM utilities would get you access to the volumes.   
> > It might
> > at least be worth a try.
> I find that LVM-over-RAID is not autodetected by most rescue disks.   
> It's necessary to first bring up the RAID array manually with mdadm,  
> then run vgscan and vgchange -ay to start up LVM.  After that it  
> should work fine.  I've done this before, but it's been a little  
> while and I can't remember the exact command lines I used.
The problem is grub. Grub has no support for this (lvm over raid)

you need a lilo booter (wich the etch installer installs).
and a lilo based rescue CD.

I was bitten quite often by this problem, therefore I use a /boot
outside of raid/lvm, /boot on one HD, variouos swaps on the others.

after that you can boot with any Grub CD



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