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Re: Simultaneous AC3/DTS passthrough & stereo analog output

Bob wrote:
I'm using an Audigy2 in one PC and an SB Live value in another and I output to a 5.1 speaker system over S/PDIF coax and to my headphones (via the TV) over analogue stereo.

I have AC3 passthrough working when I call mplayer with -afm hwac3, (I think DTS will work but can't find a test clip) and I can soft decode and downmix the AC3 audio with -afm liba52, so that's all great, except that with -afm liba52 rear left and right are mixed and I don't get anything out of the LFE track.

What I can't do is both at once which would make life easer for SWMBO.

My google search (below) has reviled I'm not alone in wanting this and hints that it may not be possible but my search skills are week so I thought I'd consult the oracle. "ac3 passthrough" "analog (output | stereo | downmix)" (simultaneous | "both at" | "same time")

Has anyone got any suggestions on how to get this working?

Bad form to respond to yourself I know, Bla Bla Bla.

I just thought I'd add that, as I run a sort of informal hardware recycling center, I have plenty of spare sound cards, so if it can be done but only on a second card I'm still interested in the solution.

Thanks for taking an interest, I'll mention what you said to my Aunt.

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