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Re: Converting mp3 to audio CDs

On Oct 8, 2007, at 10:31 AM, andy wrote:


I have a friend who has requested that I dump a selection of mp3s onto a CD for him, but he lacks a computer-based media player. Is there an application that does the mp3 to audio-CD conversion so that the end product can be used on a stand alone CD player? Do I need to have anything in addition to the mp3 file in order to do this?

There are several tools that will do this for you. The MP3 has to be converted to WAV format, then a cue sheet needs to be created and the results burned to disc in audio CD format. You can either do these steps manually on the command line, or you can use a GUI tool. I like K3b, because I use KDE, but there are other options.

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