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Re: Motherboard Recommendation

Michael Acklin wrote:
Bob wrote:
Eric Estes wrote:
Can anyone recommend a good AMD (socket A2 - Athlon 64 X2) motherboard that has good Linux support? I'm sending back my Shuttle to newegg and need a replacement asap.

I've been looking into MBs and really like the look of.
Sapphire Pure CrossFire 3200 Adv.

I just got a great one a couple of days ago and works great with Etch. Have not tried any of the other versions but Etch works like a dream on the board.

This one might be overkill but is well worth the money for what you get. It's the Asus M2A-VM and you can take a look at it here:


Hope this helps...

I like the AMD/ATI chipsets as they run quite a bit cooler than the nVidia ones, you're one looks good, except for the integrated graphics which I have an irrational aversion to. The MB I pointed out utilizes an AMD 580X CrossFire (previouslyy CrossFire Xpress 3200) chipset (as does the Asus M2R32-MVP) and has one of the most sensible layouts I've seen with the PCI-E x1 slots above the PCI-E x16s so you can have a dual graphics card setup with fairly exotic coolers and you still have access to 2 PCI-E x1 and 1 PCI, only loosing access to 1 PCI slot.

They're hard to find outside the US and Taiwan though, if you can find PCPartner boards they have one with the same layout and in fact I think they manufacture the Sapphire boards anyway.

Here are the MBs I found with that chipset, I like the MSI, Asus and Sapphire Advantage Boards

MSI K9A Platinum

Asus M2R32-MVP


DFI Infinity CFX3200-M2/G

Jetway M2A580-GT5

Sapphire Pure CrossFire 3200

Sapphire Pure CrossFire 3200 Adv.

PCPartner AA1D

Good luck

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