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RE: Debian Mail through Exchange Server

I have exim4 installed, but the only walkthroughs I find are to
configure it as a frontend server forwarding mail to a backend exchange
server, or as a side-by-side mail server. What I'm looking for is a
configuration example to route any mail messages from the server through
the Exchange server rather than locally. I don't want the Debian box to
be a mail server at all if possible, just a client.

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Joel Roberts:
> Does anyone know of a walkthrough or how to configure the Debian
server to
> route mail messages through the Exchange server?

Exchange should be able to speak plain SMTP so it isn't any different
than other MTAs. You may use 'dpkg-reconfigure exim4' (or whatever MTA
you already have installed) to set it up or install some really simple
SMTP client like ssmtp which can only do what you currently need.

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