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Re: good tool to recover scratched CD's/DVD's?

Douglas A. Tutty <dtutty@porchlight.ca> wrote:
> > > The only thing I see in the repository is dvdisaster that you use
> > > _before_ the cd/dvd gets damaged that can recreate it later.
> > 
> >   The docs claim you need the ECC file, but I am running it right now
> > without an ECC file, and it is still doing a much better job than dd_rescue,
> > and with a much nicer GUI! :-) I'm not expecting to get everything back, but
> > at least dvdisaster is plowing through the bad sectors quick enough that it
> > won't take years to get at the good data that's past them...
> If you read it multiple times, are some sectors read OK on one pass and
> not on another?  There's a program that's supposed to take multiple
> versions of a file and, using the blocks in common, come up with an
> accurate file.

If I *really* *needed* to get these files, I'd probably try something like

The reason I've been copying these dvds back onto my harddrive, is because I
recently set up a raid-5 on my system to act as my media server.

I've completed recovery now and have ended up with maybe a few gigs of files
(out of hundreds of DVD's) that can't be covered. I think that's a pretty
good recovery rate... and the files that were lost aren't exactly rare, so I
should be able to find them again.


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