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Re: cdrecord vs. wodim again

Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
hdc: ST3120026A, ATA DISK drive
Right!  Neither cdrecord or wodim can burn to a _Hard Disk_.
where do you get this? He provided no info on what command he used and
if you look, hdb is clearly an optical drive... are you drinking too
much coffee? ;)

hi andrew,


so sorry, I don't know a thing about your problem other than what I
think you posited -- that its a player that is incorrectly handled by

that is right.
 I was merely speaking up in your defence since he was
getting all sarcastic because he couldn't read...

thanks. yes: that stupid sarcasm sometimes is really is a problem.
........ i used the normal command(s):

something like:

@ sudo cdrecord speed=8 dev=/dev/hdb (and later what -scanbus told me to use, the 'old way') -tao -v -data -eject /home/steef/.........iso

I don't see why it won't work.

neither do i. that's the problem.
 BTW, why do you need sudo for this?

yourself in the cdrom group (I think).

long time ago i did that. i learned my (then young) twins the commands to burn cdroms under potato and woody. got myself after some time out of the usergroup without teling them to come home after work and have some cdroms left. so: an old habit

kind regards,


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